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What kind of satisfaction clients do get from the process of BPI?

Funding provided to raise public awareness of need for affordable housing in the university endowment lands and to ensure the official community plan supports affordable housing as a right. Funding provided to organize information meetings with community groups and local governments to raise the profile of housing affordability issues and solutions in Vernon, Enderby, Armstrong and Lumby.

Funding provided to organize community advocacy, public consultation and information sessions and to develop and distribute a housing action plan for the Fort Nelson area. Funding to organize public education sessions and advocacy work on affordable housing in Revelstoke, with special focus on secondary suite issues and standards of maintenance bylaws. Funding provided to consult with homeless shelter and hostel providers to develop province-wide support network on homeless issues. Funding provided to develop a regional housing advisory committee and regional housing strategy to support the North Island communities.

Funding provided to organize a workshop to educate community groups and municipal governments on benefits of legalization of secondary suites. BURNABY – The building and pest inspection has received conditional funding of $2. 6 million to build affordable rental housing for seniors, Burnaby-Edmonds MLA, Fred Randall announced today. Upon the society meeting the conditions of their proposal, the HOMES BC funding will be used to construct 39-units of one-bedroom housing in the 7100 block of Mary Avenue in Burnaby.

Many seniors have a tough enough time already with health and financial worries. I am very proud that the provincial government supports this type of development through BC Housing”. When the development is completed, BC Housing will provide the society with an annual operating subsidy to make sure tenants pay no more than 30 per cent of their household income on rent. The HOMES BC funding will help us fulfil our goal of meeting the housing needs of low-income seniors. PRINCE GEORGE – Active Support Against Poverty (ASAP) in Prince George is one of nine regional housing centres across the province awarded Community Housing Initiatives (CHI) grants, Prince George-Mount Robson Lois Boone announced today.

Why the building and pest inspection process is very essential to make in the right ways?

Over the past three months RMC Consultancy has delivered 44 regional training sessions to 635 staff, from 181 housing associations and 100 local authorities. The sessions helped to resolve some of the difficulties faced by landlords trying to get to grips with the new questions and especially the new definition for sheltered/supported housing. Discussions at the sessions also focused around issues regarding decants, defining void dates, the role of the management group log, loss of data for sheltered lettings, converted properties, building types, water rates and where to include the various components of the household incomes.Building Inspection Fees

These sessions are ideal if you have a number of front-line staff who need training and can be tailored especially for each landlord. In 2003, the Corporation decided that all CORE lettings and sales should be submitted electronically. The Joint Centre supports a variety of systems including CORE Digital, the most popular solution to electronic submission. The 2004/05 Digital system is packed full of new features to make it easier for landlords and managing agents to submit data and produce helpful reports. Dilapidation Report The aim of this research is to find out whether the questions on the CORE lettings and sales logs are fulfilling their purpose and giving the Corporation and ODPM accurate data from social landlords.

This information will feed into the next review of the CORE logs to help improve questionnaire completion and the accuracy of the resulting data. Specifically the Corporation would like to identify questions that present data quality problems and how the survey can be improved to provide robust data. When all households (working and non-working) are considered, London (75%) and the West Midlands (66%) exhibited levels of benefit dependency higher than the average for the country.

Among working households, single parent households recorded the highest level of dependency (61%) followed by households with children. 33% of all new tenancies were recorded as working households, 30% of which were identified as being dependent on housing benefit. Mean residual weekly incomes (income minus rent) for working households averaged £202.06, ranging from £153.84 for lone adult households to £262.77 for other households with child.