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What major steps are done in the efficient and profitable manner in the BPI process?

They might, though, be more impressed by the story of a Very Senior Representative of the voluntary sector who emerged from the Home Office after a meeting with ministers on the future of the sector, only to be physically accosted by nonesuch. Retailing also has a mutual interconnection with many other sectors, which in part rely on the well being of the retail sector. On a broad basis, industries such as manufacturing and wholesaling supply retailers.

The last twenty years have seen rapid change in the retail scene. As society has become more affluent consumers have become increasingly demanding of standards and service. With improved access they have also become less loyal to a particular store or brand. Consumers will not be constrained by the location of stores and are attracted by the ability to mix and match their requirements from a number of retail formats.

This increased consumer freedom presents new opportunities for retailers to provide additional choice and services. Already a successful Mail Order company, Building Inspection Reports selling Tools and Fixings to the building trade. The team realised that internet purchasing still need to provide benefits to the customer which walking into a traditional trade counter could not. It had to offer the same high quality delivery service to customers who preferred ordering online as it did to customers using their telephone based call centre. By putting customer requirements first the proportion of Screwfix customers placing orders online rapidly increased.

The speed and flexibility that the retail trade must now demonstrate is a direct response to this commercial pressure. Many have made strenuous efforts to get closer to and understand the detailed behaviour of their customers. The growth of loyalty cards, incentives and schemes has provided a wealth of detailed demographic information about those who shop in their stores. Based on this information retailers are able to expand the services they offer outside the traditional understanding of retail, for example insurance, banking and other finance products. A more recent arrival is the Internet. E-tailing and e-business generally grows at an exponential rate.