How do needs of people differentiate from each other in building and pest inspection?

The CRB will ensure that the highest standards are maintained once an organisation is accepted as a Registered Body. For example it needs to be made explicit that the responsibility for verifying the identity of an applicant unambiguously sits with the Registered Body. Similarly, our aspiration to achieve a significant improvement in data quality throughout the Agency can only be achieved with the unqualified co-operation of Registered Bodies.

Whilst our approach to achieving the improvements that we want will primarily be founded on offering support, education and inclusive consultation, we will also need to establish a compliance framework which is rigorously applied and which consistently meets our minimum thresholds for the delivery of a high quality service. This may mean de-registering those organisations who either fail to maintain general quality standards or who refuse to abide by the Code of Practice.

The CRB will also encourage Registered Bodies to work more efficiently, typically by looking at the benefits of small to medium sized organisations ‘grouping’ together, perhaps by forming an umbrella organisation within specific regions or professional specialism. The service that the CRB receives from police forces throughout the United Kingdom in respect of Higher-Level Disclosures varies widely from force to force. As such, the service that the CRB is able to deliver to the public suffers from a degree of inconsistency in terms of the quality of the data provided by each force, the Building Surveying costs associated with providing that data, and the time taken to deal with each request for data.

The CRB firmly believes that the service levels provided by each LPF should be of a consistently high standard. Establish a central role with both ACPO and PITO as discussions continue about the most effective way of delivering and managing data that is relevant to the work of the CRB. The Bichard Inquiry’s ‘Terms of Reference’ indicated that the quality and consistency of police data in general will be fully scrutinised.