How the process of BPI do work without any complication ?

The process of Building Inspection Report Melbourne can be completed without any complication when the inspector do their work with their full efficiency as well as using their skill and the knowledge. When the full efforts are to be given by the inspector then the possibility increases for positive results. The Equality and Diversity SAS results were disappointing. The overall satisfaction of equality of opportunity was 59 per cent which is a 3 per cent reduction on the previous year. Focus Groups will be held to better understand the equality of opportunity issues.

The 136 members of the IPT are based at Copenacre and we’re co-located with our commercial partners, BT. There are around 100 BT staff here, and we work side by side, which is very beneficial. My budget is £160 million a year, and we receive about £40 million a year back in revenue through commercial partnering arrangements. Our customers are everyone in the MOD. My IPT’s work largely revolves around the Defence Fixed Telephone Service contract.

When the process is been accomplished including all the mentioned legal laws by the authority then the problems cannot be raise. The laws and rules are to be announce by the authority keeping in mind all complex situation so when the inspector do follow the rules and regulation then the complicated situation can be ignored. Unlike its name suggests, this doesn’t only supply telephones, it covers lots of other things like the Defence Directory, point-to point data systems, the secure speech service, video-conferences and a ‘remote access’ service for telephones and IT.

We really are joined at the hip with BT. We have a joint Management Board, governance structure and balanced scorecard. As we’re such a big IPT there’s naturally a fair turnover of MOD staff although I’m pleased to say that practically everyone who’s left during my time here has done so on promotion. We set great store by our personnel practices here and I’m proud to say that when we had an Investors in People assessment, the results we achieved were classed ‘exemplary.