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Living in the mountains doesn’t hinder us from pursuing our passion of sailing, Tom said. It is just about one hour and 45 minutes to get to Lake Norman to spend an entire weekend sailing. The property valuation solo experience is three days of fasting and a time of solitude. It is a challenging course with two to three days of climbing, two to four days of whitewater canoeing, and two to four days of solo experience.

Usually we have from 16 to 34 to enroll. This year we had 15 students to start and 13 to finish. There is no experience required, and the only other requirement is that the participant be in average health. For the 28th year, Montreat College Outdoor Education students completed a three-week wilderness expedition with a 14-mile run.

It is a time when leadership is stressed. It is also a time when discipleship, of working under God’s authority with responsibility toward God, is stressed. During the three days of solo, we go by and check on each student twice a day, but if there is nothing apparent needed, we don’t even speak. The hiking, rockclimbing, and whitewater canoeing are exhausting activities, but it is the three days of solo that most of the students want to talk about the most. Twenty-five-year-old Luke Patterson, a sophomore at Montreat College, felt he had to participate in the Discovery Wilderness Practicum to challenge himself spiritually. I was physically prepared for this challenge.

Mentally it was toughBeing in a community of like-minded people helped a lot. . Nineteen-year-old Matt Jones felt he needed a spiritual challenge, and that the Discovery Wilderness Practicum would give him that. He will be a sophomore when school resumes in the fall, and is working as a camp counselor in Roanoke, Va. this summer. I wanted to challenge myself spiritually while living in the wilderness and while I was working on my outdoor skills, he said.