Why the reports are to be maintain in pre-decided format of BPI?

There may be a Service Charter or Service Level agreement for the delivery of the service. The library/information service may have other formal agreements to monitor and report on (such as the Purchasing Consortium ‘Commercial Publications Procurement’). All candidates should understand how their personal performance relates to the quality of the service their library information service is providing. Candidates’ personal performance will be formally assessed by their own line manager, through the MOD Performance & Development reporting system (described in 5.1 below). However candidates are encouraged to evaluate for themselves how they are improving as they become more experienced.

Candidates are encouraged to conduct user needs surveys and design questionnaires on some aspect of the service they are involved in providing, Building and Pest Inspections Melbourne to establish whether services delivered match user needs and to research the potential for new services. All candidates should have access to either manual and or electronic systems and tools. If there is only a limited range then visits to other MOD library information services should be arranged in order to get some practical experience of a wider range of systems and tools.

All candidates should have access to ICT systems (even if limited to word processing, spreadsheets etc). However not all candidates will have access to library specific IT systems. visits to other MOD library information services should be arranged in order to get some practical experience (for example to MOD Information & Library Services Whitehall. Army Library Services at Prince Consort’s Library Aldershot, the Defence Procurement Agency Abbey Wood Information & Library Service etc). Opportunities to see how web publishing editing is done, if not available at the candidates’ own site, can be offered through visits to larger Defence libraries information centres. Candidates should also read the guidance on issues such as Freedom of Information, the Public Records Act, etc.

The guidance is available through MODWeb on intranets within MOD. Candidates should consider visits to Defence Records Archive at Hayes and or the Public Record Office at Kew in order to understand more about the management of public records. MOD has certain constraints on international and trans-border information transfer, so candidates should read the security instructions.